Flying Alone




I met someone, who perhaps in a flip exchange, said “that there is no truth”. It stopped me, angered me, and my return was that if he believed that, I need to end the conversation. Truth, like love and trust are at the core of what makes being with other humans bearable. Nature is nothing but truth.

And when one comes to nature, early or late, natural truth, like that which  rules the lives of Raptors verify this rediscovery of a basic guiding light of pure “truth” in such a way that it makes you feel at once fearful and excited. It spreads quickly, to all aspects of avian forms, and hopefully further still to nature in all forms. At first you are in a childlike wonder. You then find friends who feel the same way,  and then feel less alone with your discovery of nature. Reborn. Touched by a…

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Owls End, the Devil’s Triangle



The renovations contractor was having a great difficulty explaining the aspects of the job both in price and schedule.  After a time, he raised his arms and held his thumbs and finger so they showed a triangle.
“FAST, GOOD, CHEAP”…… choose TWO.
Let that sink in.

Now lets talk about another triangle, in relation to Raptors and Owls. Absolutely Owls… yes, those night time creatures who because of their elusive and nocturnal nature, are elevated by our desire to see our own spirit in them. We gravitate to all birds that look like us; flat faced, binary vision, beautiful feathers, yet thats all most of the public knows about them. Nobody gets excited to see a Turkey Vulture, But an Owl, thats enough to turn most people into clowns and jerks, hoping, like catching sight some hapless celebrity that wanders into a local bar, to take away some of the…

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